Some questions & ideas to explore re: NYC


What are physical education requirements in NYC public schools. If I were designing PE-reqs for kids with physical autonomy + lifelong health in mind, what would they be?

School meals…everything you didn’t know you wanted to know. How did we come up with dietary requirements/specifications? What does these currently solve for? Where does the food come from?

Create a map of every private and public pull up bar in NYC. Peak hours of use? How many users? Are there low-hanging-fruit-bottlenecks to public fitness equipment that could be solved easily?

What’s the deal with that attractive building by 14th street WeWork…how did it get built? Who were the developers? Is there a story? Pick my five favorite buildings (sacred by both usefulness, size, beauty) in NYC, and do these investigations.

Average professional childcare and/or senior-care caregiver commute?

Average wage for childcare and/or senior-care caregivers in NYC?

What are the most important unfilled jobs in NYC city government?

How many new units would be need to build before rent prices fell?

Say you live in a midtown or FiDi skyscraper…and someone wants to build another skyscraper in your line of site, potentially obstructing your view…how in practice do you respond, what recourse do you have? (Descriptive, not normative.)